Are you a good parent by Norwegian standards ? Are you a good mom ? aAre you good dad ? What do you think about Scandinavian parenting methods ? we're gonna talk a bit more about that as you guys know I'm a first-time mother and as a first-time mom it's hard enough to you know find your own path to parenting but it's even harder when you have Nazi moms when you have professionals who want to throw down their advice on you when you're trying to break free from your upbringing method and then when you live in Scandinavia and everybody seems to think that there is one way to parenting I'm gonna talk about that bear in mind that this video is just fun I really don't take offense to some of the comments I've received here and I'm not trying to offend any Scandinavians out there so here in Norway there seems to be one parenting method that all parents follow and I don't know how this guy's managed the first one is that you have to put your kids to bed early the kids have to be in bed by 7:00 pm

if your kid is not in bed by 7:00 pm what are you doing ? you know and I have a problem because my son naps late and he will not sleep before 8:00 pm sometimes 8:30 we could stay in bed like I put him to bed at around 7:00 and we will stay in , he will not sleep until 8:00 or 8:30 it all depends on what he wants and when I was telling that to a fellow Scandinavian mom I saw her look you know she looked at me like oh that is really terrible

Another thing in Scandinavia is that they're very big on breastfeeding you kind of feel a bit guilty if you don't breastfeed I breastfed I just want to put it out there I breastfed but I know some mothers don't breastfeed for many reasons you know some mothers just don't want to see their boobs going down, some mothers some others can't breastfeed because it's too painful , some don't want to breastfeed which is okay and those mothers who say they're not breastfeeding aren't they don't want to breastfeed have come under fire here I've seen it so many times and I kind of always wanted to kind of jump to the defense of the mom who's being attacked but I felt like you know it I'll just sit at this fight another thing about parenting methods here in Scandinavia is that they like they believe a lot in taking their kids out doing a lot of activities with their kids and they also live kids to sleep in strollers outside this for me was shocking because if you're telling somebody in Africa or even in France that um I'm just gonna leave my son here to sleep outside they're gonna be like okay this is just super bad we have to call Child Services or something like what are you doing you know and here if you don't do that it's like what are you doing it's not uncommon to see kids out in minus 4 degrees minus 5 degrees and snow suits and obviously but just out roaming around playing out and you know you have the moms take their kids out for many activities they're always safe to be busy and there's something called tits Clement which is oh my gosh I don't know if I pronounced it well tits Gemma and it's from what I can understand it's something called hugging time were a bad time you know and aurally team and it means that you over booked yourself and you see a lot of moms and a lot of dads who are literally so busy as soon as they get out of the office they have to rush home cook food for their kids take their kids to a thousand different activities drive their kids to and fro literally parents in Norway are always driving their kids around and that is shocking for me because from a certain age and friends parents are like just take the bus you know take the bus take the tram why should I Drive you everywhere at least that's how it was for me and at least that's how it was for my friends I don't know I know what parents are doing right now this for me was a bit strange because I noticed that there seems to be a bit of a competition for strollers you know you're you're a bad mom if you're first off you're a bad mom if you're buying secondhand strollers you're a bad mom if you like don't have the fanciest stroller here I think that from what that's what I've gathered here you know because I I actually brought my stroller secondhand I was not gonna spend 1000 euros on a stroller that had hardly used because I'm not into walking that much and I don't I Drive everywhere you know my son I Drive everywhere and I have like a travel stroller which is very convenient for me because I can just fold it and pack it in the car on one side doesn't take space and here you see moms with very expensive fancy strollers who walk around and there's also a conversation among moms about their strollers you know what's only did you get yeah yeah that's a good one yeah I had that for my first child but for my second child I decided to change you know Scandinavian parents I don't know how they managed to do this I really have to borrow a leaf from their book they did not shapped at their children they are very level-headed not that I shot on my child but you know they hardly news patients at their with their children you know they're very they're they have a way of dealing with tantrums that I don't hear in Norway there is the mandatory tacho Friday meal and that is well as I said it on Fridays no region families ate tacos and that is not the case in my household my stepson is always so disappointed under Friday when he comes home and that's what are we eating and I tell him something French or something Kenyan you know sometimes like we're gonna eat lentils and chapati and you see the face that wrong Norwegian parents actually do really really well when it comes to keeping their children healthy giving them vitamins and supplements they are very big on fish oil and on vitamin D vitamin C they know that for they know that these things are very essential for their kids especially given you know the weather and the lack of Sun and winter vitamin D is very important for anybody who lives in a country where it's not sunny often today we had a bit of Sun getting our way so guys I'm gonna I'm gonna wind up this video by just saying that I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope that you don't take it too offensively you know I'm I'm all about just laughing about our differences I think it's hilarious and as you guys saw in the video I'm oKed myself as well I actually agree with quite a few things that Norwegian parents do but I don't believe that there is just one specific parenting method everybody has to do what is good for them as long as it doesn't harm their child and as long as there is a bit of a balance between discipline and letting their child be themselves guys I hope you enjoyed this video bye

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