Hanalike program helps new moms and dads learn parenting skills

Parenting can be a tough hands-on learning experience One that can be too much for some first-times moms and dads

In order to make sure infants are safe and well-cared for — home advisors are again taking their help where it is needed most KITV's Paul Drewes details the Hanalike program nat of baby bridgette olsen's life changed just over 3 months ago bridget@22:29 "my life has changed a lot, at first it was just me and my boyfriend now i have these two bundles of joy" One baby can be a handful, especially for new parents, so with two on her hands Bridgette enrolled in the Healthy Start Program called Hanalike

31:05-31:17 "We work with families that are dealing with some stressors, which could be related to single parents, mental health issues or housing, finances" For bridgette, her biggest challenge is just finding time to also take care of herself 24:42 "always watching out for their cleaniness, and food and happiness and then taking care of mom so i can be the best mother I can be" Other parents may have difficulty dealing with babies that are sick or may simply become overwhelmed because they do not know what resources are available to them standup@42:14 "with all the feedings and diaper changes, it can be easy for new parents to miss out on an important aspect of their infant's development – communication" 33:04 "sometimes parents don't understand a baby's cries so what happens they tend to neglect or it becomes very stressful in those situations" nat of home visit Through home visits like this, moms and dads can get advice and answers while learning how to be a good parent and prevent future problems 32:56 "by giving these skills and knowledge and skills to parents we find it reduces the risk of child abuse and child neglect" Funding for this healthy start program had been cut nearly 5 years ago, but was restarted in January Just in time to make sure malakai and his sister patsy jane get the best care they can from their mom

27:35 "she's got all the skills to teach me to be that good mom i want to be" Paul Drewes KITV 4 news The program works with parents of newborns up until the age of age Giving moms and dads advice and assistance as their children develop The Hanalike program is free to families that need it – through Parents and Children Together

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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