Parenting skills give you confidence to be a good parent

I'm Lauren and I am a mother of 4 boys One of the challenging things is a routine

Trying to get everybody out the door is a big challenge every day and so routine is kind of a big deal But also there's a lot of emotion with 4 little boys, feelings get hurt, things don't go their way and so we deal a lot with tantrums You know, just learning how to control their emotions It was really overwhelming They were intense enough and constant enough that it was hard to kind of get my head above water and to feel like I was a good parent

Because sometimes you handle it right, and sometimes you handle it wrong and so there's kind of a lot of feeling of guilt and maybe inadequacy and thinking, "Oh other parents are doing a lot better job than I am" or, "I wanna do this right" I wanna be the best mom I can for my boys And so I wanna react in a the way that's gonna be best for all of us It's so great to have steps, I mean, to just have a plan because what it means is you can improvise You can adapt it to any situation and it just kinda gives you a guideline of where to go

Especially with intensive teaching The most important step is the empathy at the very beginning And If I can remember, "Okay, my first reaction is to be kind, to give some kind of understanding" It's really helpful to have that as a first step To know how the rest of the interaction is gonna to go

It's never going to happen as fast as you want it to You always want the magic bullet You always want something that's gonna automatically transform everything That's not how family life works So, I guess my advice is you start small, and you don't necessarily think that you can get immediate things but the more consistent you are, the more it will help your children

And you feel better about yourself Parenting is a work in progress That you just try and do a little bit better every day and that, you know, if your heart's in the right place and you try to improve, your children and your husband and everyone is gonna feel that And they're gonna be lenient if you make mistakes As long as your working at it and you talk about it and just love them the best you can

I don't know if you can ever be a super confident mother but I feel a lot better about my mothering skills I feel a lot less worried about the future and in different stages Teenage years don't seem as scary anymore Now that I've been given steps that will work with a teenager as well as a 2-year-old

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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