Parenting Tips from Janada Clark MA Parent Coach: Parenting Styles – Okay To Be Different

Do you ever notice your spouse disciplining your child and thinking to yourself hmm that's not gonna go very well It isn't abusive, it isn't neglectful, but you think it's kind of dumb, and you think to yourself boy I wouldn't do it that way

What we're talking about here is parenting styles The comment usually is "oh, you have to be on the same page about everything" Hmm that's not exactly true Yes, you have to have certain values, family values, that you're in agreement with, but the style or the method that you approach can be different and you know why because you're different So when a child comes to you and says "well daddy lets me", you say "yeah I know that's because he's different" or "well mommy says I can't do that and you're saying I can" and you say "well, we'll have a conversation about that but I'm different than your mom"

Use this technique so children won't manipulate you and also remember it's important to have respect for the other spouse When you see them doing something that is different than the way you would do it have an agreement and the agreement would go like this "honey when I'm disciplining the kids I'm gonna do it this way and if you disagree we can talk about it later but not in front of the children" What does that do? That teaches respect and it doesn't undermine the other parent What we're talking about here is learning about parenting styles and in my class we talk about two ineffective parenting styles as well as one that is So if you've got some questions about your parenting style or the way you were parented maybe you'd like to improve on that and do something that's maybe different or more effective I can help with that

We do that in my class in week four Give me a call if you've got some questions about this I'd love to help Thanks for watching

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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