Which type of parenting-authoritative or authoritarian is better?

Subscribe to my channel BE A GENIUS and press the bell icon to get all notifications on my new videosWhat's up guys I am Abesh Chakrabarty you are watching my channel BE A GENIUS By Abesh guys welcome to the 10th episode of my channel be a genius by Abesh in this episode I have some one special to discuss over a particular topic he is a bit crazy and of course a teacher you have seen him in my previous video Good morning sir

yes sit down students how many of you know Jesus Christ sir I sir sir I sir sir sir sirI know sir sir sir I know sir and how many of you know the real facts about Jesus Christ Ha!what?Just as you have seen he asks strange question to children which of course gives me topics to make videos on so without wasting any time I want to welcome Mr

SpringHi I am Mr Spring and I am here to discuss over a particular topic which of course is a bit crazy

and I'm going to discuss the topic with one of my student's elder brother Abesh ChakrabartySo MrSpring what's the topic for todayToday's topic is which type of parenting-authoritative or authoritarian is better

so you have heard about the topic so without wasting time let's begin the discussion kids need some structure in their lives some people think that strict parenting is what leads children to a dangerous and rebellious part but it's actually what gives them off of it according to Psychology Today children need strict parenting it has much more of an effect than you think it does this involuntary structure in a child's life makes them feel secure they don't realize this because all they want to do is what you are not letting them to do in the modern day world children are often becoming entitled this is because parents have softened up so much in my opinion strict doesn't mean that you are just extremely authoritative a strict parenting style means that you are actively involved in their life activities school behavior and other out-of-school encounters you keep a close eye on your child no matter what there are two types of parenting authoritative parenting and authoritarian parenting authoritative parenting is issue-based and pragmatic authoritarian parenting has set rules and is less strict i suppose you say according to psychology today authoritative parenting is regarded as the most effective style of parenting it can be very easy to give in to your child they are essentially tiny little masters at getting what they want however this can actually hurt them more than helping them in the moment yes they are happy because they got what they wanted but what happens when they want something they really can't have well that is where temper tantrums come into play and those are no fun oftentimes you might catch a cool mom if you have spent time trying to be the cool mom that is lenient hip and in touch you need to stop it is normal to want to bond with your kids but you should never try to be their friend you are not their friend you are their parent and you always keep their best interests in mind no matter how uncool it is studies from the University of Essex further proved that strict parents raise more successful childrenchildren with strict mothers are ultimately more confident and secure according to news magazine it might be hard to scold your child and make them angry but it is for the bestso guys if you like so guys if you like his video please do subscribe his channel and like,comment and share his videos of course you can also see his other videos by clicking on the boxes that's appearing here okay thanks a lot for watching Bye Bye!!!

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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