An Agreed Modification To The Shared Parenting Plan

Hi my name is Sunni DiNicola, I'm an attorney at Lardiere McNair A commonly asked question I receive in my family law practice is, a lot of times from an ex-client who I finalized their dissolution or divorce and the parties entered into a shared parenting plan

But now that has been a change “My ex-spouse was named the residential school placement parent and now here she is moved but I live in the better school district now and we've agreed that I'm going to be school placement parent” Well it's a pretty easy process to get done Just give my office a call, I can draft all the appropriate documents to file with the court and typically we can circumvent even having to attend a hearing with the court to get you the documents you need so you can now be the residential school placement parent If you have questions similar to this, please give my office a call and we'd be happy to help you

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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