Confession: Parenting Skills for Work

Hi guys it's Carrie Anne from EverythingMom and it's confession time This week's confession is don't let the time you take off to parent and watch your kids impact your choice to return to work

You may find yourself in a position after being away from work for an extended period of time your biggest fear or roadblock may be that gap you've been away But I want to remind you that there's also this need for for a lack of a better word sort of life skills and how you interact with people and to remind you that the time that you take off to focus on parenting actually gives you those skills and perhaps some skills that may be other people without spending time parenting wouldn't necessarily have For example being a parent makes you a great negotiator How many times has there been one toy or one TV or one of anything, the last cookie and you have more than one child who wants it It comes to the parent to play that role of negotiator

So negotiation skills are great that there certainly something that you use a lot of as a parent and will come in handy in the office, your business life Multi-tasker Because what parent hasn't been in a scenario in the evening after school where it comes to helping one child with math, listening to another child practice their french, while cooking dinner and perhaps packing lunches All within the same time and still the ability to show your kids and the stuff on the stove that you're giving it an equal amount of attention so nothing gets burnt or a child feels like you're not really listening to them and it erupts a problem So multitasking is

is another skill that you quickly learn as a parent which would definitely attribute to the business world There will be multiple things coming at you, multiple deadlines, so your parenting skill will come in handy Flexibility

So being of flexible mindset is another skill you learn being a parent You plan a family trip and your child gets sick or breaks an arm You're not you're not going to turn around and say like okay I'm going to cancel everything with a defeatist attitude because there are a lot of people who are depending on this trip not just that one child But you have to be understanding for that child new needs so you adjust what you have in mind Your child comes home from school saying that oh yes they forgot to tell you they're having a bake sale and they had signed you up to bake 200 cupcakes so guess what you're doing that night even though you actually planned to sit down with a glass of wine and watch a movie

So flexibility and a flexible mindset is something is another great skill that you will I don't know master but you will certainly pick up which will benefit you in the office Problem solver

I swear every day there's like eight problems that you have to solve with your kids Your child has a big project in is stymied with how to move forward with the project so you work with them to figure out how best to tackle it to help them come to some sort of plan so they don't feel overwhelmed Your youngest comes home really upset and angry and of course won't tell you you have to work through a little dialogue to try and figure out that it was a fight that she had with her friend and what attributed to it and maybe how she can work on building that friendship back up or learning to let go of that friendship So countless problems faced you as a parent like forget the tasks that your kids bring home, parenting alone is often a big giant problem to solve Which will easily translate over to when you go back to work being able to either suss out the problem that's happening at the office or work with the people who have the problem and figure out a way to tackle it

The last one I have is mentor As a parent we quickly understand that we are guides for our children not only in the way we instruct them and give them advice and help them with homework, we are a mentor in the capacity of how they view us So even the things that we don't directly do with our kids, how we handle an argument with our spouse, how we talk to people on the phone, how we show our appreciation for something that another person has done and how or when we're really angry and upset how how we display that or deal with that emotion That's really a form of mentorship in the sense that the kids are not only learning skills from you but also learning how to interact and develop who they are going to be And in the office environment no matter what level you're at it may not be construed as mentorship but how you interact with a co-worker or somebody who you supervise will go a long way into how you contribute to that work environment

And the more positive and supportive that is which is a skill that you'll develop as a parent that skill is something that you would take into the office Negotiator Multi-tasker Being flexible in mindset Problem solver and mentor

These are just five skills but you have no doubt developed during that time off you've taken with parenting your children and these are all skills that will benefit you in the office world if you go back to work Don't let the time that you've taken off from your work life to parent your skills whether it's two years or ten years don't let that deter you from going back into the workforce It's going to be scary A big change after so many years can be I actually talked about life lessons that I learned what I made the choice to go back to the office life and I'll include a link to that

Those are just five skills that I've noticed that you pick up as a parent that work well in the office world I'm curious what other parenting skills you may have developed that have been a benefit when working with others be sure to leave in the comments below So it you can find me here on Sunday talking confessions thoughts going through my head, maybe things you can relate to I'm also here talking books for kids, family travel and other fun family stuff so don't forget to subscribe so you know when the next video is published and until next time ciao

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Parenting Classes


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