Dealing with People Who Judge your Parenting Style

– Well, I definitely had to deal with a lot of judgment from people regarding my parenting choices From the very start there were people who didn't like the fact that I was breastfeeding my baby exclusively, that I would nurse my baby in public, that I wore my baby on my body, that we were having a family bed with your baby

My family, friends, friends that had kids, friends that didn't have kids, my pediatrician, everybody had an opinion on how we should be raising our child And what it came down to for me ultimately was I had to do what I felt comfortable with and was felt right for me So, in dealing with other people's judgements, I put a lot of thought behind my parenting, and I believe in it So, I don't care what they have to say about it I believe that I'm raising my child, and both of my children now, exactly how I want to

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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