Find your own PARENTING STYLE. #parentwithpurpose #39

Hi everybody my name is LYnda Harlos and I created character purpose with purpose and I was perfect parent and then I had kids My goal today is to try to help you parent with purpose as I don't believe that there is one parenting method out there that will suit every single family

We are all so uniquely different and our children are different but there's no way that one parenting style will work for everybody and I'm hoping that this will stop you from trying to follow what the crowd is following if it doesn't suit who you and your family are So there's two components to parenting with purpose The first component is learning who your children are and if you have more than one you know this to be true, they are all different but you need to find out as their parent what makes them tick what they like and what they don't like Are they good at sports, are they good at school, are they somebody who follows the rules well or are they somebody with a bit rebellion? Are they a lazy child or are they a very ambitious outgoing child? Are they an introvert or do they make friends well? Are they a good eater are they a good sleeper? Are they prone to get sick are they a child who can grasp things quickly or does it take them a little bit longer than average? Are they a child who gets distracted easily or are they a child that can focus for a very long time? There are so many different traits that your child could have and it's important for you to know each and every one of your children intimately so that you understand how they work, how they think and why And the second component to parenting with purpose is setting goals

We're taught to set goals in almost every other area of our lives however I'm not sure I've ever heard anybody tell me that I should set goals for parenting I have a whole list of goals over on the goal page, as well there's a survey right underneath them where you can pick 3 to 5 So read them all over there's a lot of them there and pick the top 3 to 5 that you think you want to start working with, and now you can start parenting with purpose You're going to be able to come up with a parenting style that suits you and your family Please sign up to this page because what I am planning on doing is most of my blogs from here on in is talking about one or both of these components and/or how to combine them and it is a learning process

You're not going to figure this out overnight What I'm going to be doing is telling you some of the stories and some of the things that I tried and I'm going to tell you whether or not they worked or didn't work and how I incorporated goals with some of those things and then I want you to leave comments down below and here's the reason why, because if somebody else comes in a listen to something that I'm doing and they don't agree with me or they've tried it and it didn't work for them and you've left a comment down below of what you did and how it worked or didn't work for you now you are also helping any parent who comes in here and who's looking for answers So it's really important to sign up and start to leave comments so we can all help one another As well you can come on over and join us on any of the social media if you look above others tabs up there come on over and join us there but if you're going to leave comments try to leave them here so we can help each other I want you to know that I don't think I have all the answers because I don't but I am trying to learn just like you were trying to learn and hopefully we can help one another, and as always I want to wish you an awesome day

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