Parenting advice– How to say sorry to your kids

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel where we talk all things life family food and fun Today we're talking about family and kids and those times when we mess up with our kids and maybe we're not the nicest parent on the planet yeah we're talking that today so without further ado let's do this! Have you ever had one of those days when maybe you were tired, maybe you were PMSing, maybe you just had had a super long day and you were just short with your kids you yelled at them you were too busy for them you got mad at them or angry and you know you just kind of regret your behavior, yeah we've all had those days, and then we end up like this

I'm the worst mother ever Wait this is all sugar free chocolate may cause a laxative effect! bring home imodium immediately! And why is it so hard for some of us to say I'm sorry? "RalphI was wroooooong" it's kind of stuck in my throat, stuck in my throat Well maybe it's because it was never modeled for us the correct way when we were kids But it's one of the best things that we can do for each other, for our kids, in our relationships

It's restorative, it's healing, it's good for the soul! And one of the best things we can do is model that for our kids Because how can we expect them to do something that we don't do and that we don't actually teach them how to do? Not just that "Johnny say you're sorry okay now give her a hug" That's not really a true apology, that's not what that really looks like So the next time that things don't go as planned on your day, let's give this a shot! Today's tip is what to do after that happens because we do know that it happens One of the best things that we do with our kids hopefully is to teach them to take responsibility for their mistakes, to own it, to apologize and ask for forgiveness

Well how can we expect them to actually know how to do that and to get that right and feel comfortable doing that, if we don't model that for them? Our kids need to know that we're not perfect, we screw up and when we do we own it, we take responsibility, we apologize and we ask for forgiveness So the next time this happens I want you to stop what you were doing, put down your phone or whatever device is in your hand and stop what they're doing Get them down in front of your face, get down to their level, or if they've gotten a little bit bigger than you are get up to their level or sit them down so that you're face to face Look them in the eye, tell them I screwed up I shouldn't have done that, that wasn't okay and I'm sorry

Will you forgive me? And then watch what happens Not only do they get a chance to see someone taking responsibility for their actions, see that their parents aren't perfect, they get to experience offering forgiveness and grace, forgiving someone, restoring back a relationship Those things are huge for their lives as they grow up into adulthood, knowing that they don't have to be perfect, but when they're not, it's okay to come and own it, take responsibility, asked for that forgiveness and know that they're gonna get that forgiveness from their mom and dad Instead of hiding it and always just trying to be perfect and never wanting to screw up, or never wanting anyone to know that they have screwed up We all screw up

We all do it So we can't expect our kids to do something that we don't model for them Okay so the next time that you mess up with your kids, because we know it's gonna happen, give this a try, see what happens and if you do, leave a comment below and tell me how it went I'd love to hear about it, if you get a weird reaction from your kids that like surprise or shock, especially if they're a little bit olde,r and just tell me what it is that happened! Okay that's everything for today's video! I hope you enjoyed it! I hope you found it inspiring and helpful, and if you didm be sure and give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel And if you haven't already, click that little bell right next to it because then you'll get notified of upcoming videos whenever I post one So until the next time ladies, have a great day! See ya!

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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