Parenting child with RAD | Importance of communication skills for RAD child

Effective Communication is tool that you will use a lot with your child with Reactive Attachment Disorder Remember, children with RAD struggle to form attachments with caregivers and struggle with communicating these feelings appropriately

So, this is a good skill to begin forming a stronger relationship First, watch the lesson and learn the steps Commit them to memory We have a printout of the steps for your to use as well Then practice the steps with everyone until it becomes second nature to you

You will also want to watch the lesson with your child and have them learn the steps Practice this skill with your child every day for a few minutes formally, and, then as a normal part of your communication Focus on the area of repeating what is being said and clarifying it This helps your child put into words what they mean A word of caution to you as the parent: Refrain from sharing your perspective or giving counsel during the discussion

Allow your child to express themselves fully without judgment or comment Addressing those issues can be done later The point is to allow them to communicate openly and freely and this will allow them to create a better sense of trust for you as a parent If you have concerns during the conversation, address them at a later time using this skill as a template Allow your child to explore and examine your perspective using the reflective listening portion of repeating back what was heard and clarifying

Again, communicating in a safe environment with help begin the process of building trust and will allow you both to adjust to concerns in the future

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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