Parenting Styles

Mom: "Clean this up right now!" Jeffrey: "Why?" Mom: "Because I said so!" Girl: He's so cute! Jeffrey: "OhThanks I'm hoping that she doesn't poop everywhere like she did last time" "UmThat's weird I'm sorry" Jeffrey: "What's for dinner? Are we having pizza?" Mom: "We weren't going to have pizza" Jeffrey: "Well, I want pizza, okay!" Mom: "We can have pizza because you want pizza" Girl: "Oh my goodness! I love this dog! She's adorable!" Jeffrey: "Oh yeah?" Girl: "You know it's illegal to smoke here because of forest fires, right?" Jeffrey: "What? Are you a cop?" Mom: "Can you pick all this mess up for me, please, before dinner?" Jeffrey: "Why?" Mom: "Well, Mommy has to pick up her messes when she makes them, too

It just makes everything better for the house Girl: "Well, have a good day My name is Ashley, by the way" Jeffrey: "Jeffrey Very nice to meet you

" Girl: "It's nice to meet you, Jeffrey" Jeffrey: "Take care"

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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