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Let’s continue doing the same by discussing today, “Having a baby post 40” Owing to today’s lifestyle and woman empowerment, it’s quite a usual scenario to have kids post 40 It is the same Bioscience, that once believed it’s difficult to conceive after 40 due to it’s proximity to menopause, now has made it a possibility Yes!! But we need to take special care of certain points The fertility rate reduces after 36 years in woman and hence it is important to take special care of your fertility This can be done by, Diet: Spirulina, maca and royal jelly supplements improves the fertility of your egg

Also, antioxidants, folic acid & CoQ10 Ubiquinol supplements help conditioning the egg Exercise: Specific exercises help in keeping hormonal balance intact Yoga, walking, dancing, swimming & kegel exercises helps release the toxin from your body Which in turns, helps you to build stamina & strength that helps in pregnancy and labor Cleansing: It’s very important to cleanse your body especially for pregnancy post 40 You need to improve your food habits and bring a structure to it Besides, smoking, alcohol & stress should be kept at bay

Also, you need to regularly monitor your uterine health, take fertility massage, keep your body hydrated and try to make sure that you have a regular cycle In spite of this brief information provided by us, don’t forget to consult a gynaecologist for more details Hope you find this information useful Do like and share this video and for more such videos subscribe to our channel Hungama Kids

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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