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Dear parents, Hungama Kids has always produced informative videos, which talks about various aspects related to parenting and kids Let’s continue the same & talk about two very important topics Adoption & Surrogacy The problems in the natural way of conceiving owe a lot to today’s stressful lifestyle, which brings in the following two options for parents Adoption, Surrogacy Adoption: Advantages & Disadvantages Adoption can be done in the same family or from an outside source

Both the process involves taking complete responsibility of a child legally The best part of adoption is that a homeless kid can be rescued and given a family, which is mutually rewarding for both the kid & the parents There is no stress on the mother to undergo a risky & challenging pregnancy However, the process of adoption can be a challenging one The process can be a time consuming one & even a smooth adoption can be very expensive

Also, sometimes the adopted kid can experience depression and other emotional problems caused by the fact that they are adopted Surrogacy: Advantages & Disadvantages The best part of surrogacy is that you can have a kid, who can be biologically & genetically yours Compared to adoption, surrogacy can sometimes be cheaper The success rate is 1:4 and there is legal protection that covers Surrogates In this process the biological mother has a very near to pregnancy experience

But sometimes, if the surrogate mother has health issues, the pregnancy can be a risky proposition Also, it can be emotionally taxing for both Biological parents and surrogate mother In today’s times, to facilitate both the process, there are numerous agencies that can be very helpful But in the end, it is the parents, who need to think with a clear & open mind what are they comfortable with: Adoption or Surrogacy We hope that this information helps you & if you find our videos interesting or if you have any suggestions, do write to us in the comments section below Also, do like & share this video and don’t forget to subscribe to Hungama Kids

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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