Growing Pains: The Girls Meet Up To Talk Parenting Skills

– ♪ Love all the people around me ♪ ♪ Oh oh ♪ Love all the people around me ♪ ♪ Oh oh – You shouldn't be using text messages You're too young for this

Oh, here come everybody Put it up What? [laughing] – Whaddup? – Hey Hello Hey, baby

Hey, baby – Today, I'm meeting up with Danielle and Iesha No matter what's goin' on in our lives, family's first – It's time to drive – Hey

– Hey – ♪ Time to drive the car – HONOR: ♪ Time to drive the car ♪ – ♪ Time to drive the car – HONOR: Yeah! Time to drive the [screaming] car! – How about you go in that one? – Y'all get in these

– Actually, please be careful with them, okay? – Drive that car – Jonathan, you aren't worried – MAN: Are we ready? – Jonathan? – Wait! No, no! – Y'all be careful Just come back in one piece – Honor, you're really going

– Oh, okay – [laughing] – Go, baby – [laughing] – Brandi talked about the – The photo shoot – So, how did it go? – I just had a bad day Honor's not listening and then Brandi's trying to tell Honor what to do, and I'm like– – She kept her with her? – She's holding her And I'm like, Brandi, let me see Honor really quick, and she's like, no, girl, just leave her Like she's fine, like you're gonna make it worse

I'm like, okay, I'm the mom I'm not gonna make it worse Like I know what she's doing, and Honor's like, get off me, like pushing me away 'cause she sees that, you know, Brandi's feeding into like, oh, leave her, leave her – I think the thing with Brandi's like, we have to understand we all have different parenting skills, 'cause when she were talking, I almost had an issue, because it's just like, every- body raise their kids different – Yep

– 'Cause we got into a argument She was likewell, not an argument, a slight disagreement

And she was like, well, you ain't make sure you get up and take the kids to this I don't do that Like I don't do that – Yeah – My ex used to get up and take them to school and all that– I don't do that

– How do they get to school? With the bus? – You're [bleep] right Don't the bus come? Don't the bus come? – They do – But you can't remember that time– – Girl, listen, I don't do that This is the thing with her She's active and she's like the type of mom that'll get up and take her son– – Yes

– I'm not gonna do that Like I said, if my child wanna join the band, baby, you can join the band I'ma get you everything you need, but when it– – But you want to be there for those moments – But not when she's saying they're practicing and stuff – I'm gonna be at the event

When I follow your schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you're [bleep] – [laughing] – You're [bleep] I am the type of person, I have to have a nanny I have to have a nanny That's the kind of parent I am

But for you to tell me, oh, you're wrong for being this type of parent How is that? – I like being a mom – Yeah, me, too – Honestly, I– – I didn't expect to like it – I like being a mom now

– And that's okay You can admit that, though – I had my first child when I was 15 I didn't I was a child myself – You were a child, yeah – So, I had my mom to help me, but I really, like literally, like was a child myself – I dreamed of being a mom, the soccer mom– pickin' up all the kids

I'm gonna have her home team, rockin' them all That's what I wanna be – That's not for me – No, you're– – I had nothing to do I'm looking for a [bleep] name

– This is fun 'cause I never get out But I'm ready to get outta here

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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