Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Parenting Skills Under Fire World’s Laziest Royals Raise Prin

Kate Middleton And Prince William�s Parenting Skills Under Fire: World�s Laziest Royals Raise Prince George To Be Spoiled Brat? Kate Middleton and Prince William�s parenting is coming under fire once again There�s a new report that suggests their 3-year-old son, Prince George, is a �royal terror,� as insiders claim that the tot is loud, destructive, and is a force of chaos

Kate Middleton and Prince William have made it no secret that their son Prince George is a boisterous toddler like any other boy his age Yet, could Prince George be a spoiled brat as well? That�s what the speculation seems to be as Kate Middleton and Prince William�s son is so out of hand that royal staffers have labeled him a tiny tyrant According to the Globe and Mail, things are so bad at Buckingham Palace whenever the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are there with their children that royal staffers simply can�t take it anymore Even though Prince George manages to look absolutely adorable whenever he is in public with his royal mother and father, behind closed doors he�s anything but cute One source told the publication, �He slams doors, he takes things from fellow children and adults alike! Honestly, he�s a nightmare

He makes so much mess It�s chaos!� And while Prince William has even admitted to Prince George being a little �noisy� on occasion, it shouldn�t come as a surprise that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can�t handle their children at home That�s perhaps why both Prince George and his younger sister Princess Charlotte were left at home under the care of their nannies during Kate Middleton and Prince William�s tour of India and Bhutan earlier this year And it wasn�t decided until the very last minute for the royal couple to bring along Prince George and Princess Charlotte on their upcoming tour of Canada Surely, the trip would have been much easier on Kate Middleton and Prince William if their children were left at home again, but they know they need them to help repair their image as the world�s most popular royal family

Kate Middleton and Prince William know that whenever they are in need of a PR boost, they can count on Prince George and Princess Charlotte to give them the positive media attention they need, whether or not their �spoiled� children will cooperate with them

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