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This is inevitable As much as you get happy holding your baby, you dislike getting anxious when she cries

As a parent you just don’t want your baby to be sad and crying right? But a crying baby not just signifies sadness As someone has rightfully said, “It’s baby’s birthright to cry” Remember, since they cannot speak, that’s the only way they can communicate to tell you what they are going through

So in today’s video, let’s discuss about baby crying, their signs and the right way to deal with it Hungry baby: Hunger is the first and foremost reason behind baby crying Yes!! It usually begins with whining and then gradually into an outcry To check and confirm, tap with your fingertips on baby’s cheeks & if she turns her mouth towards it then it clearly is a sign that the baby is hungry Colic Problems & Burp Issues: Colic pain, not only troubles the baby but also the parents

Especially when the baby cries unstoppably The parents get confused about what should be done under such circumstance The reason behind colic pains and gas is entrapment of air in the stomach, while your baby drinks milk To avoid this, make sure that you make the baby burp after you feed, by tapping on her/his back You can administer gripe water or anti-colic drops and another very effective tip is to lay your baby on her/his back and then fold the legs and do a bicycle riding motion

This helps in releasing the gas from your baby’s stomach Diaper: Unlike old times, nowadays parents prefer to keep baby in diapers If the diaper gets full and wet or if your baby has pooped in it or if there is a bit of diaper rash, the baby is bound to make a hue and cry about it The only way to avoid this, is by changing the diapers in every 4 to 5 hours and checking it as many times as you can Sleep & Temperature: Another reason, why baby cries is when it feels sleepy and is not being able to slide in it

Apart from putting her off to sleep make sure that the room is cozy for her/him to sleep… Like dim the lights, make sure the room is at the correct temperaturenot too hot not too cold Always remember that the heartbeat of an infant is almost twice that of adults, hence if you feel hot, he or she would be feeling hotter Also, if you need, you can swaddle the baby to sleep, which makes them feel as if they are still inside their mother’s womb and thus they sleep peacefully

Besides, there can also be other reasons due to which the child might cry For example discomfort with clothing material that they are wearing, not being able to drink properly due to bottle nipple issues, noise in the background, fever etc In spite of the information that we shared with you, consult your doctor for any kind of queries Hope this video is helpful and informative Keep logged onto Hungama Kids for more such videos and subscribe to our channel

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