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Hello Parents, The biggest challenge for working parents is to manage and look after their kids while they are at work And the two major options that they come acros are Creche or Babysitter or Nanny

So let's talk about what to expect and the important points to keep in mind while hiring a babysitter 1 Genuine love towards Children: Before anything else, the foremost point that a parent needs to make sure is that the babysitter should be fond of children It is very important that you check the attitude of the person who is going to look after your child in your absence 2Background: In today’s times, security is the most important aspect, especially when someone has the access to your house

Hence make sure to check and cross check all the documents of your babysitter and do police verification as well It’s also advisable to check their health background 3Communication: Your child will be spending the maximum amount of time with the babysitter, especially if he or she is hired for a 12 hour shift and hence make sure that his or her communication skill is in place The babysitter should be able to understand your instructions and should be able to respond

4Responsibility: The right time of medicine, proper and timely feeding, taking your kid to the playground, checking and changing diapers this kind of work calls for a very responsible attitude So make sure that the babysitter is responsible or else it will add to your troubles and stress 5

Hygiene: This point may sound silly but Hygiene is a very important issue which needs to be discussed while hiring a babysitter As you know that a child is more susceptible to diseases and infections To know more about parenting tips, keep watching this space and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel & do like and share this video

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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