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Hello Parents, It’s the most joyous moment to see your little bundle of joy alive and kicking Gradually your kid starts grasping everything that is around like music, light, colors, and voice

The eyesight of an infant takes 3 whole months to grasp and understand colors and light At this point in time they don’t understand brighter colors like red, orange & green And rather concentrate on Blacks and Whites & it takes another 2 months for them to understand brighter colors It is very important for parents to say the name of the color whenever they interact with kid for them to understand the colors like “Here is your red car” or “See the green leaves” This is because a kid associates every object by its sound Recognizing papa & mamma with their voice (sound) is the biggest example of this

By 1 year, kids start learning to produce the sound they hear and thus they start blabbering and sometimes they are able to say basic words too… like Fan, Bye, Ok etc Hence it becomes much easier and fun to make them understand about different objects By 15 years, kids are able to fully understand different names, their sound and slowly they can make out about ‘Shape’, ‘Size’ & ‘Color’ too

Like “Ball is red and round” “Dress is Orange” and “Dog says Bow Bow” etc

Between 15 years to 25 years kids become so receptive that they start learning about the alphabets and numbers too And that is why parents should encourage saying and showing them alphabets & numbers either from a book or video Soon they would be able to mentally visualize the complete picture of any object

like “There is one Apple on the table…A for Apple, which is red in color, sweet in taste and roundish in shape” Also, research proves that Kids love music, especially hearing English classical music can really be beneficial to them This kind of music also helps in their brain functions We hope that you this video is helpful & informative for you For more such videos, subscribe to Hungama Kids & don’t forget to like and share this video

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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