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It’s believed that humans feel more love for their grandchild as compared to their children and definitely it’s true The grandparents get another chance to re-live their childhood through their grandchildren and that’s the reason why they tend to pamper the toddlers all the more

Let’s talk about this very important subject Few of the important points that a parent should remember are Don’t Outlaw Pampering: It’s but natural that Grandparents, who were once disciplinarian parents, now get very lenient towards their grandchildren and pamper them Under such circumstance, if you share a good communication and bond with your baby, this pampering of theirs will have no ill effect on the child Respect: Your child will respect you and your decisions all the more if he or she sees you behaving well with your parents ie with their grandparents Hence, they can very well enjoy the pampering of their grandparents and stay disciplined at the same time

The best of both the worlds you see!! No Expectations: Don’t expect your parents to be babysitters for your child as it can have a bad effect on your child’s perception of them Let them genuinely love your child and not under any compulsion, as they have life too Communicate: Like any other situation, the best way to make sure that Grandparents don’t over-pamper is to have a clear communication with them regarding the discipline and rules that you want your child to follow Yes Do take their suggestions for the same and let them know yours

Both Parents and Grandparents should be able to put themselves into each other’s shoe and surely there will be no problem understanding each other’s point For more such interesting parenting situations and tips do subscribe to Hungama Kids and don’t forget to like and share this video

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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