Healthy Living Parenting tips: Choosing Healthy Drinks

hi welcome to our vlog series titled healthy living parenting tips My name's Samantha

I'm from the Durham Region Health Department I'm going to be talking to you today about sugar sweetened beverages or as we like to call them SSBs We're going to give three different parenting tips on how you can pick a healthier drink Tip number one: how much sugar is in that drink? As the weather starts getting warmer we tend to be outside a little bit more, the kids are outside playing, and as you start building up a sweat you head indoors to grab that nice cool refreshing drink Well next time you do grab water and here's why! You won't believe the amount of sugar hiding some of those tasty drinks

Next time you're at the supermarket grab one of those sugary drinks and take a look at the nutrition facts table All the drinks have them If you scroll down and take a look at sugar, this drink has about 42 grams of sugar Now there's 4 grams of sugar and every teaspoon so if you think about it, there's about 11 teaspoons of sugar in this drink That's why water is always the best choice

Tip number two: Find the healthiest option Consuming too many sugary beverages can lead to tooth decay, gaining weight and obesity Obesity can put you at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, along with heart disease Consuming water for you and your family is always the best choice Tip number three: role model! There's a lot of great, simple ways that you and your family can reduce sugar sweetened beverages and drink healthier options

Here are some great examples for kids: Replace sugary drinks in the fridge with a pitcher of cold water That way when they're thirsty, that's what they'll reach for Don't forget to pack a refillable water bottle when your child's heading out to school That way if they drink it all and they're still thirsty, they can go refill it If you're serving juice, add extra water to make it less concentrated

You can always cut up fruit and add it to water It adds a little bit of flavor When we keep sugary beverages in the home it allows easier access for children and teens, so think about role modeling healthy choices by having that glass water They'll be more likely to grab that glass of water too Thanks for joining us today

Don't forget to watch the next vlog in our series in June that's going to focus on teens and exam stress Don't forget to Like us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

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