How to Discipline Toddlers in a Positive Way (Applicable to 18 – 24 Months Old)

Narrator : How to Discipline Toddlers in a Positive Way (Applicable to 18 – 24 Months Old) Narrator : Starting from 1 year old Narrator : children thrive in their physical and language abilities Narrator : They start to test their own limits and yet Narrator : their logical reasoning and judgment are still immature Narrator : Undesirable behaviour does occur and therefore Narrator : your guidance is really important Narrator : The following 5 keys to positive discipline Narrator : will make your parenting easier and happier Narrator : 1 Encourage and Praise Desirable Behaviour Narrator : You need to encourage your child for his positive behaviour Narrator : and correct the undesirable Narrator : Then, he can learn Narrator : which behaviour is desirable and which is not Narrator : Julian picks up a ball rolled to him Narrator : and returns it to the kids at a football game Narrator : Seeing what Julian did, Dad praises him Narrator : 2

Set simple rules Narrator : Setting simple rules Narrator : helps your child understand and follow your expectations Narrator : At the same time, you need to be his role model Narrator : Dad sets up some rules with Julian Narrator : before letting him play on the slide Narrator : like “going home after playing 10 times” Narrator : 3 Guide your child to follow the rules Narrator : When your child disobeys the rules Narrator : you need to stay calm Narrator : say “no” to him with a firm facial expression Narrator : and a “no” gesture It doesn't mean that you need to yell Narrator : Julian sits on the ground Narrator : and obstructs other kids playing on the slide Narrator : Mum asks him to get up and not block the way Narrator : Remember to praise your child Narrator : if he listens and follows the rules Narrator : 4 Correct dangerous acts promptly Narrator : Stop your child’s dangerous acts promptly Narrator : After sliding down Narrator : Julian tries to climb up the slide instead of the stairs Narrator : Mum stops him Narrator : He looks upset and starts throwing a tantrum Narrator : When toddlers disobey and throw a tantrum Narrator : you can deal with it such as by simple distraction Narrator : 5 Planned ignoring Narrator : Children at this age throw tantrums Narrator : and act out very often to get your attention Narrator : test your limit Narrator : and see whether you will do what you have said Narrator : Just like Julian who throws a tantrum Narrator : when Dad says it’s time to go home Narrator : When your toddler throws a tantrum Narrator : you can use “planned ignoring” Narrator : that is turning away from your child Narrator : and not giving him any response Narrator : You need to be persistent Narrator : Dad and Mum turn away from Julian Narrator : A moment later, he turns from wailing to sobbing Narrator : At this moment, you have to return attention to him Narrator : and distract him with other activities Narrator : Mum holds him up and talks to him, preparing him to leave Narrator : You can also speak to him firmly Narrator : The game is over

We need to go now! Narrator : Positive discipline means using assertive Narrator : and non-harmful ways Narrator : to help your children develop good behaviour Narrator : Concerted effort from all caregivers Narrator : contributes to its success and effectiveness

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