LAZY Mom Hacks to TRY Today!! | Mom & Parenting Tips to Make your Life Easier!!

All right mom's today I have lazy mom hacks part 2 per requested if you are new to my channel subscribe and if you like this video Give it a big thumbs up and let's get started for the very first hack I have for you is craft day Not your traditional craft day Let them into the craft room put down the craft box and let them go to town This is a great way to facilitate Creativity and an awesome way for you to put your feet up and just relax for a good hour This may create some mess but it's really nice to see how creative your kids are and what kind of things that they like to do on their own Mom hack number two is to have a food allergy basket in your pantry if you have kids with food allergy sensitivities or food allergies in general separate those items in a brightly colored bin, so You know not to get those things for that specific child Mom hack number three is order your groceries online with shipped or any online Grocery service where we live we use shipped

It's linked with Meijer It's super easy They deliver it right to my door This saves so much time Mom hack number four use a pool noodle along the side of your toddler's bed to prevent them from rolling over a falling out of Their bed at nighttime This is super easy Inexpensive I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree For Mom hack number five have a miscellaneous bag or basket

This is one of my favorite mom hacks It'll keep them busy for literally hours I go to the Dollar Tree and I'll pick up the most Miscellaneous random things and we'll put them in the basket and let them go to town and discover and figure things out It's a great way for them to figure things out and kind of see what they do with particular things My next lazy mom hack have an easy peasy delivery basket This is something a basket you have at the end of the stairs And there is toys that always end up downstairs that don't belong Throughout the day just put them in the basket and when it's time to go upstairs bring the basket up It's that simple The next lazy mom hack that I have for you is to clean your ring with your electric toothbrush You can use toothpaste I know this sounds crazy, but one of my girlfriends recommended to me a long time ago And I thought she was crazy until I tried it if toothpaste makes your teeth super sparkling white It actually makes your ring Gorgeous too – but if toothpaste is a little bit too far out there for you just use your traditional Ring cleaner and use your electric toothbrush It does amazing Mom hack number eight if you know you are gonna have a really hard or long day ahead of you the next Day go to Amazon Prime and overnight ship a new toy I know this may sound extreme, but it's a nice way to rescue yourself If you know your significant other's gonna have a long work day be out of town or whatever the case is It's nice to have a toy that maybe will help entertain for that specific day Mom hack number nine use a rubber band or a hair tie around your soap dispenser To prevent kids from spilling out too much soap when they wash their hands Lazy mom hack number ten have a checkout time be able to say at 7:30 or 8 o'clock I've done everything I can do as a mom

I'm exhausted and it's time for me to check out I love you guys, and I really hope you like this video and I'll see you in my next one Bye guys

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