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– [Aysha Voiceover] I was just almost done with eighth grade and we was on the verge of being homeless, it was tough – In Atlanta, many low-income families are really struggling just to make ends meet

Their health is at stake Their hope for a better future is at stake – Families First is one of Aetna's community partners Through their support we're able to offer a holistic approach to supporting families at risk, ensuring that they become advocates for their own health and well-being Everybody's health goals are unique

We help the families that we work with achieve their goals through provider-supported services – For example, it wasn't until Aysha and her family moved into the program that we were able to learn all of the needs that they really had – [Aysha] My mom, she was a drug addict She went to treatment, but it didn't work out She ended up going back out

I was the head of household at the age of 10 – [Naomi] Not only did we provide housing support for her mom and her siblings, but we also provided counseling services – We decided to focus on just four types of verbal communication, and I bet somebody here could name at least one – A lot of clients that we work with, they don't know what healthy communication looks like They don't know what a stable family life looks like

Aysha wasn't taught healthy parenting skills, so when she got pregnant at 15, she was not in a good position to be a mom – I was scared, I did not know what to expect – [Nkem] Our Teenage Pregnant and Parenting Program taught her how to be a healthier mom for her son The importance of spending one-on-one time with Amari, getting down on his level, giving him eye contact, showing him affection – [Aysha] Certain things I do with my son, I don't remember if my mom did with me

It all makes me want to be a better mom to my son I want my son to be healthy, I'm learning as I go – [Naomi] We know that our program is definitely working and is getting to Aysha because we see it in Amari – Elephant? – Elephant – Yeah, elephant

– Good job! – [Naomi] We see him hitting all the appropriate milestones We see him engaging in school and developing more – [Nkem] You know, none of these programs alone would have provided Aysha and her family the support that they needed, but with all of those programs combined, they've been able to thrive (laughing) – [Aysha] My goals for the future is to graduate high school I have to do this, 'cause I have a little one looking up to me, I just want my son to know that Mom did it and he can do it, too

To be the first one to graduate, to see that big old smile on my momma face as well as the people who supported me like Families First, that's gonna be a moment I am not gonna never forget (quiet music)

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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