Long Distance Parenting Relationship with your kids | Part 1

Hi, I´m Maria From Educate with Art Senses This is the first of 2 videos about Long Distance Parenting Relationship wit your kids! To watch the second video please click on the link bellow on the description section You will find here great tips you can immediately put into practice to keep an healthy relationship with your kids even thought you are miles away from them

So, let´s get started! Unfortunately parenting long distance relationship is more and more common on nowadays society Reality shows us that it's not only for divorce reasons! There are more and more parents with professional lives involving being absent from home for long periods Life must go on and if you are far away from your kids you really need to have long distance parenting plan It can be a new reality for you or you´ve been experiencing those awkward conversations in Skype with your kids where silent moments happen, when they are away from the screen and you don´t know what to do or what is happening, you feel the conversation is becoming boring and you don’t know what to do or say… It can be really startling when a father that is about thousands of miles away from his children is capable to control and guide them on their education, making projects, watching movies together and have fun!!! How can he do that? So, you may ask yourself how can be possible to keep your kids engaged? It´s possible and doable! I saw it with my own eyes, that´s why I wanted to write about it in this eBook Even though this father is capable to control his kids by distance

and help with their homework too…the only huge thing missing is the physical contact, which is really hard to manage! But it is what it is and the important thing here is to stay focus on taking the most out of the time they can be in touch, and here, technology is a marvelous tool! All the practices I talked about so far and most of which I shall speak further can happen via Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, or any new tech alternative it may exist It is important that the communication with your kids, the way you deal with them, your behavior and relationship with them, be consistent Then you know that although you are not physically with them, they respect you and are waiting for the next Skype call

The distance only limits the physical contact by the missing of a kiss, a hug and a care gesture, irreplaceable yes but given the fact that distance is a reality the important thing that matters here is to maintain a close relationship with your children by having strategies to interact with them keeping your presence constant in their lives You need a plan! A long distance parenting plan include useful tips based on some parents experiences whom I've been talking with Get the best tips that suits you, try them and over time you will manage to find new ones My long distance parenting plan for you with no particular order: 1 Have a portable device for your kid I strongly recommend to any parent to assure his kid have a tablet with him/her

The older child will be in charge and responsible the communication if there is only one device Nowadays any kid has a portable device as they are now affordable It´s also easy to have the apps like Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or other alternative 2 If you have the chance to be with them before you go, explain them how you will communicate and keep in touch from that moment on Talk with them about how your communication routine can be

Do your homework first and ask for their opinion and suggestions Again, it´s important that the information you give to your kids and your behavior be consistent You will be on Skype interacting with them as if they were right there beside you 3 Make some experiences with them before you go If possible I also recommend you to make a communication experience with your children before you travel

It can be from a room to another or from the garden to their room First you´ll set simple rules you should all be following every time you are far away Explain the rules and ask them if they agree with them Get them involved by taking into account their suggestions and opinions Try to imagine different scenarios, use your imagination together and work on some “codes gestures”, anything that makes your communication healthier and richer

4 Try to have the best Internet signal for you both Be sure you both have the best possible Internet signal so your communication never is compromised You can even go out together! You just need a good Internet, a portable device and a little imagination! By walking together you are seeing the places where your child is taking you or on the contrary, you are showing your kids places and things they don´t know! 5 Get a strip and a bag for your kid´s device to "carry" you around the house Have a kind of a cover bag with a strip for your kids device so that they can put around their neck, and then “take me with you!” to any place 6 If there is more than one kid decide who will be in charge to take care of the device Decide which one of your kids will be responsible for the communication This means taking care of the device itself, be sure it´s always charged and “on” and manage it with youngers when you are communicating with them

In general it should be the older one to have this responsibility It implies to carry the device from one place to another and also be responsible to listen and share with others important information If your kids are too small it should be the adult in charge to control the communication But believe me, kids learn fast and they easily get used to this kind of interaction So don´t put too much pressure on you and on your kids

You will find together the balance for your communication To listen the second part about great tips for a Distance Parenting relationship with your kids you just need to click on the link bellow and please if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and don´t forget to subscribe to get more tips for a great life with your kids! I´ll see you on my next video!

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