The Sketch (Parenting Class)

[Narrator] Scene 1 is about the- -rights of husband It tells a story of a very rude wife

She doesn't treat her husband nicely and violates the rights of her husband [Audience] Owhhh hohhoh

[Wife] Where are you going? [Hubby] Putting on this apron [Wife] I asked you to work there, right? [Hubby] Wait, wait [Wife] Hey, you're blocking the view Move away from the TV [Hubby] Erm, honey Today, err tonight, there's a game

Football Can, can I watch it? [Wife] Don't you know that I really hate football? Just finish your work and don't disturb me Ah, I feel thirsty

Hm, Darling Can you please make me a cup of coffee? [Hubby] Do you want hot coffee or cold coffee? [Wife] As usual honey Hot, hot Because I'm hot [Hubby] Where to put it? [WIfe] Here, here Why nak put there? Here! Ya Allah! Dah, go, go

*Phone rings* [Wife] Yeah, yani? 28 00:02:21,164 –> 00:02:22,093 [Guest 1] Yeah, are you ok? [Wife] Of course, I'm ok [Guest 1] Are you free tonight? [Wife] Yes, I am [Guest 2] Ella and I want to come by

Is it okay? [Wife] Ok, I'll prepare some special dinner for you So don't eat before you come Darling, come here Eyh, no no no! Just stay at the back I want you to prepare some dinner

But could you please cook more? [Hubby] What? Chipsmore? No, I don't want chipsmore That's for you I want dinner Dinner You know, "Cook more"! [Hubby] Oh, "cook more"

Hai nasi goreng! Hai sungguh lazat *Ding dong* [Guest 2] What were you doing? [Wife] Oh, watching the TV [Guest 2] Oh, so [Guest 1] Your house is beautiful [Wife] Yeah, I know

[Guest 2] Where's your husband? [Wife] He's helping me cooking dinner at the back *Hubby stirs angrily* [Wife] So, are you guys hungry? [Guests] Of course! [Wife] Darling, please bring the food now Quick, quick! [Audience] Marah tu [Wife] Why're you sitting there? [Hubby] I cooked I also want to eat

[Wife] You'll get the food later Now go back to the kitchen I want to chat with them [Hubby] Who ARE these people? You didn't ask my permission to invite them [Wife] My friends lah! [Hubby] So I really cannot eat this? [Wife] I said that you'll get it later

[Hubby] That's it! Tomorrow, I'm going back to my parents' house! [Narrator] Scene 2, The Rights of Wife In terms of protection and security It's the responsibility of the husband- -to protect his wife outside the house- -and tell her to cover her aurah properly In the house [Hubby] Anjer, I'm going to the shopping complex right now Do you want to come along? [Anjer] Yes, but I need two hours to get ready [Hubby] Two minutes? [Anjer] No, two hours [Hubby] Two hours?! You want to prepare clothes or making the clothes, huh? Ok, ok I'll wait at the living room

Faiti, faiti [Audience] "Faiti" Anjer, are you done? [Anjer] Wait, wait

Okay, I'm done [Hubby] Wow! Baby! *Imitating Justin Bieber* Baby, baby, baby, Ohh You look sooo beautiful! You wear baju kurung- [Audience] Ada ke baju kurung? [Hubby] You wear tudung You wear the anak tudung Luckily you didn't wear my sarong

You look like the Queen of Muslimah So, let's go This is the car I'll open the door for you Eyh, I forgot the carkeys! Oh, we've arrived already

*Nat King Cole's Walking My Baby Back Home is playing* Gee, it's great after being out late Walking my baby back home Arm in arm over the meadow and farm Walking my baby back home We go 'long harmonizing a song Or I'm reciting a poem Owls go by and they give me the eye Walking my baby back home [Narrator] At the parking lot, suddenly [Thug 1] Hey stop!!! Give us your money! [Thug 2] Yeah, all, all! Now, now! [Hubby] Heyyyy! [Thug 2] Apa, apa?? I know

boxing I know karate I know silat I know kuda kepang Don't harm my wife! Hey, shooh shooh! [Thug 2] This guy is crazy

Ok, we let you go this time But next time, watch it! [Hubby imitates Budin from Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu] Piiiiirah! [Narrator] This scene is about a mother who has 3 daughters But she only favours one of them [Mother] Ella, come here darling! I have something for you I bought something special, JUST for you

[Golden Child] Oh, you're so lovely! [Mother] Kinda look like you, right? [Other daughters] Mum! [Daughter 2] We want gifts too [Mother] Why should I buy something for you? Such a waste of money Now take this, and go to the kitchen Don't disturb me and my little princess

Shooh! [Daughter 2] Mum is so cruel [Daughter 3] It's ok, maybe we will get something later? [Daughter 4] I hope so [Narrator] Oh, ok Cut! -rights of parents It's about the positive attitude- -of a son towards his mother [Son] Good morning, Mum! [Mum] Hi! [Son] I'm going to the park right now The garden Do you want to come along? [Mum] Of course I like the garden

[Son] So Is your wheelchair okay? Oh Mum! Look at those beautiful swans! [Mum] They're lovely! [Son] Mum! Look at those monkeys! (pointing to the boys) Mum, look at those trees [Mum] What is that on the branches? [Son] Oh Mum, that's what we call- -"burung Murai" [Mum] What? [Son] Burung Murai

[Mum] What? [Son] Burung Murai [Mum] What? [Son] Burung Murai [Mum] I know But what is "burung Murai" in English? [Son] Mum, I really don't know what "burung Murai" in English And I think even Madam doesn't know it

But, I know that I love you And even with your condition- -I will take care of you, for the rest of my life [Mum] Oh my Son, I'm so touched [Paan] So, that's the end of our sketch We hope that you've enjoyed it very much

And we appologize for any errors So, thank you very much! [Madam] Ok, give them a big clap!

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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