What do you do when Christmas get too much? Christmas parenting fail and success

– Well, it's nearly New Years, how was your Christmas week? I am going to share my fail and success from Christmas week as I get courageously honest about my parenting (upbeat music) Okay, so one of the things that I struggled with in Christmas week is working out what day of the week it is

This year I forgot to turn my alarm clock off I've got one of those fancy alarm clocks that lets you set different times for weekends, weekdays, different week days and I totally forgot to turn it off Not the week that I wanted the alarm clock going off that early in the morning, I needed some rest, the kids needed some rest and unfortunately, I left it on and gave the house an earlier wake up call then I was expecting, my bad My success from this week is that I have made sure that I had me time during the week, I made sure that I've taken just 10, 15 minutes almost everyday just to go and just to be myself, to get away from family, to get away from children, I don't know about you but my kids, my family, I love them immensely but because I love them so much they're the ones who push my buttons the most which means to manage my own emotions, to manage my own feelings and self esteem I just take myself off for five, 10 minutes just to breath, read a bit of a book, play a quick game on an app or something just to enable me to be all that I can be for them when I'm in the same room as them I hope you've had a great Christmas week If as parents, we're going to continue to build on the fun and enjoyment of Christmas but also be honest about the stresses and strains that come with Christmas week, we're going to need to be courageously honest as parents

And when we're courageously honest as parents we find that actually we did a really good job during Christmas week, of course there are things we could have done better and it helps us to leave that week in the past, we just with the good memories and helps us move forward If you want some support and encouragement in being courageously honest as a parent, why not sign up to my newsletter The link to that is in the comments box And while you're here, can I encourage you to subscribe to my youtube channel I'm really looking forward to catching up with you in the new year, in the mean time Happy New Year

I hope you have a really good celebration, bye

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