[YTP] Dracula’s Poor Parenting Skills (Collab Entry)

[Music?] [Children's laughter and Monster Noises] (pop) Oh, hai mark! WHAT'S HE DOING? HE'S MAKING THE WRONG F A C E ! ! ! Oh, and speaking of which, here's another fun image: Let's have the eyes literally pop out of their skull Leaving 2 black vacant holes where the most expressive part of the face should be Hang this picture over your baby's crib tonight! (ding) [Happy Music] A FAMILY Picture! Peoaokeb! EARAPE CRYING It's scary! It's really scary! I mean, could this movie throw any more horrendous imagery at us? (Dramatic Sting) [Suspensful Music] [Demonic Whispering] [Suspensful Music get's Extra S U S P E N S F U L] What out there? I'm gonna get you! What out there? 2x What out there? 3x wwhhaattoouutttthheerree?? Oh, we never go out there

What out the- Ever! WHAT OUT THERE? [SLAM] [Guitar Music] 🎵My beautiful Maymay!🎵 🎵Let me eat your poop away🎵 🎵Because you're my dad!🎵 I, Georgie, am your dad And now we know eachother! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Just bend the legs and push off Trust me, mouse! [Splat] For those that don't get the joke, 'Youtube' checks on my channel

'Youtube' sees all of the shit I've produced thats "not advertiser friendly" 'I' tell 'Youtube' "Yeah, it's a mess back there" The zombies are supposed to be like the Advertizers They pull out all of the money from my videos, demonetizing them I hope this joke makes sense (AIRHORN) Welcome to MONSTERS INCORPORATED! [Monsters Inc Theme] (Stretched Mike Wazowski Scream) (Theme song is earaped) I've replaced the original credit music with some Halloween Themed Electro Swing because I thought it would better fit the animation Also the original song is really cringy Get Spooked!

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Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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