Parenting skills help you not give up on your kids

I'm Jennifer and I'm the mother of four kids It was pretty crazy, you know, kids not doing what you want them to do and lots of raised voices and not as happy of a home

Once you become more consistent and you learn these skills, then things just run smoother It's just a nicer, happier place and things actually get done I use the whole Teaching-Family Model with my kids They know how to accept feedback They know how accept no

They Follow Instructions In fact, in school when kids get grounded, they're like, "What's grounded?" because we just take away privileges You know, electronics, that kind of thing and that's what they're used to and it's just so much easier It was really baby steps though, you know To jump all the way in is really hard But just to start slow and remembering to do a couple of things every day

Then it just gets more and more ingrained and pretty soon you start using the skills and you don't even think about them My relationship with my kids is much better now than it was; it's improved a lot Never give up on your kids They're your kids and if you just keep trying, keep working with them, they eventually come around and, its, you know, the one person you get to keep forever You're kids hopefully

So that's my biggest thing Just never give up on them

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Parenting Classes


Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

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