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Hello Parents, Now that we have talked enough about handling little babies, let’s take a step further and talk about developing their basic habits Right from making the learn language to teaching them to use bathroom, every habit formation takes time and effort

So let’s talk about making them learn about pooping in the pot at the bathroom ie Potty training Potty training generally starts at the age of 2 or 2 and half months At this stage, kids can easily communicate and hence it becomes easier to train them for Potty

Routine: Make your child understand the routine first At the age of 2, the routine for their food and sleep is almost set and now is the time to set their poo-poo routine It’s very important to make them understand that potty is the first thing to do after brushing their teeth and before taking bath You can very well bring this to their routine by making them sit on the pot seat everyday after brushing their teeth, although they would just be sitting on potty chair and doing nothing still go for it and make it a habit

2 Signs: Study their signs What’s their body language when they feel the potty pressure!! So that you can know the exact time to rush them to bathroom and do the potty training That will help them further associate pot seat with potty 3

Motivation: Many children don’t like the fact of doing potty on the potty-chair or pot seat Hence some of you might have to bribe them or motivate them for that And for that ‘Toys’ play a major role So, every time they listen to you and try peeing or pooping inside the potty chair gift them toys or thing of their liking remember don’t entice them with chocolates as that would add to your problems Besides, once they get trained at home… make them do the same in the public places like malls or restaurant and then teach them the next step of cleaning after pooping and washing hands with soap Above all

be patient and rememberdon’t compare your child’s learning time with others Each child has his/her own pace and it’s important for you to honor that

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Parenting Classes

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