Parenting Tips For Working Mothers

Hey shoutout to all you working moms out there You guys are the bomb

I'm right here with you Today, we 're going to talk about some parenting tips that's going to make your a little bit easier for you so keep watching Hey working moms out there I'm right in the same boat with you I'm going to give all the tips and tricks I'm using as a working mom to set this thing really smoothly

I happen to be a working mom of 5 amazing kids and I happen to be doing that on my own You know meaning that I'm what they call a single mom, right? It's not really on my own I have a huge support system I've got friends that take care of my kids, I have child care, I have all of that I have business coaching, I have all the help from every direction that I need

But there's something that nobody else can do for you and that's why you're here talking to me right now Some tips in order to do this effectively are the set working hours And honestly, this is more for you than for anybody else Especially if you're working from home Set working working hours whether it's you know you get up early and before the kids get up

Whether it's 4 in the morning & in the morning, 9 in the morning Give yourself a start time and end time for your working hours You're clients will respect you more, I promise If you're not calling late in the evening and sporadically

They know what to expect from you and when and so will you and so are your family So do yourself a favor of set your working hours Now those can change I'm saying those can be variable but once you set it, set it and forget it And don't deviate from it

The second thing to do as a working mom is to let your children know how they can or cannot participate in the daily in and out of your business So for example, A part of what I do is I make calls quite frequently My kids know that when office door is closed, and there's a little sign on it, that says, "Do not disturb" That;s mommy's time, she's on the phone When I spend about 30 minutes on the phone and I you know give myself some break and I pause, I go and check everybody and they know that that time is "Oh it's shhhh quiet time so mom can be on the phone", okay? Sometimes it's okay to put labels on boxes and ship those out the door

I allow my kids to participate in that That's something they can participate in and if they want to and they think it's fun If it's bonding time for me and them So there's elements of being a working mom that you can definitely do with your kids but there's definitely elements that your kids need to know where the boundaries and where the standards are so you can do your work effectively So set it up and make it clear for them so they can understand that

As a working mom, you need a trusted day care plan and on top of that, you need a trusted back up day care plan If you don't have back up, you don't have a plan Because anything could happen to your daycare provider Anything could happen to your child care provider Whether they get sick or their children get sick themselves

There's a whole myriad of things We won't even go into that But have a day care plan and a child care plan with a back up Have it all documented, have it all in one place so you can find all of the numbers and names that you need in case of emergency All of that put together

I like to have a kid binder that has all of their information, all the emergency contact informationAnd each one of my child service providers or my child care providers has access to thatWhether digitally or in person So have a back up plan for your child care Next thing to remember is to let go of the guilt

I mean there is so much culturally can be said about you know working moms and moms should be this and moms should be that and all of that and you should be home with your kids or you should be working harder All of this should step I have a rule with this I can should myself or anybody else, right? So don't step into the guilt Let go of the idea that you need to feel bad for doing your best, alright? This idea that you need to feel guilty is not going to work for you because guess what? You cannot please everybody and you cannot please everybody all the time You just won't

So let it go Check in with you and say, "Am I doing what I want to be doing in this moment? Am I doing what;s best for me and my family at this moment?" And if you are, then let go of the guilt You have no excuse ti be holding on to guilt if you know you're doing the right thing And if you check in and you feel like things are a little bit off, then make the adjustment But make it because you know it's the right thing to do

And once you do, again, forget that guilt The next thing to consider when you're working from home is elimination of distractions It's so easy to be working from home if you're working on front of the screen or in front of the computer Just slightly deviate in the Facebook a little longer that your business needs Or to get caught up making a playlist on your music device a little longer than you need

Don't let things eat your time your time is your most valuable resource You can't get it back, you can't make more of it, you can't go back and change things and wish you spent time doings something else So when you're working, be working Eliminate distractions

Given are the things that or in your space that are taking your time even distractions that you don't feel like taking up your time but take up your bandwidth Distractions are things in your decore or that are distracting you Things that you're constantly wishing that you did have something else I have this one clock in my office that tells time great but the design is horrible And if I look at that clock, I notice that I don't like the design of that clock

That is fraction of time that I can't get back wasted on the design of the clock, okay? So get rid of things that waste your time, energy and space I'm talking about clutter with that one Last thing I'm going to mention is back to calendar, put your kids on your schedule Now I didn't say necessarily to put the kids on a schedule that that maybe beneficial for you, that may not For me it's to put these kids on my schedule, okay? That means on my calendar, I have date night with my daughter

I have date night with my son It's every bit of a priority as making my sales calls or following up with clients They're on my schedule, they're a priority for me, okay? So these 6 tips, very simple,very straightforward implement them Start making a schedule, start using your calendar, start prioritizing correctly get rid of those time wasters

In fact, you have my permission to take 3 hours tomorrow and declutter your office, declutter your space, declutter your time so you have rooms for all those yummy opportunities to come in with your family and with your business Begin those 6 things lined up so you can be the most effective parent and the most effective business owner Hey moms, thanks for watching today's video I hope enjoyed today's content Hit the subscribe button, ring the bell

I'm going to send another video right to your email tomorrow I'll see you then

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