Parenting child with PTSD | PTSD recovery in kids with Preventive Teaching

Preventive Teaching is a useful skill to use with children who suffer from PTSD Preventive Teaching can help your child process their feelings before situations can trigger them

By addressing the trauma and triggers early and in a neutral environment, your child can learn what strategies will work best to address problems before they happen First, watch the Preventive Teaching lesson and learn each of the steps If needed, you can print out the steps and use them for reference Next, determine the specific things that trigger your child’s behaviors Choose one to focus on first

After this is done, make a plan with your child on ways they can respond Once you both agree on what your child can do when negative emotions occur you will need to practice the new behavior Practice it at least 3 times or until it is mastered If possible, make the practice as close to the real thing but in a neutral environment If you need help with practicing you can watch the Role-playing lesson

Review it often over the next few days Using Preventive Teaching will help calm your child because they will have a plan on how to work through issues before and when they happen

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