Anxiety coping skills using SODAS method | Parenting anxious child

Use this skill before doing any task or activity that may cause Anxiety for your child and show them options on how to address those feelings Watch the Decision Making lesson

You can also delve deeper into the skill by visiting the Decision Making page on the Smarter Parenting website So here are some tips for parents when using this Decision Making for Anxiety: Work on the SODAS assignment together with your child Even though you are working together, let your child take charge and make the suggestions for options You can adjust the SODAS assignment for the age of your child If your child is very young, you can use fewer Disadvantages and Advantages

Make it work for your child Practicing (Role-playing) the chosen option is very important Start simple and as your child is able to adapt, increase the intensity of the practice to as close to the situation as possible Be patient If your child struggles too much evaluate if the practice is too intense

If not, the option is not correct You may have to do SODAS again Even though it looks good on paper it may not be effective in real life Role-playing will help you know if it works Practice multiple times

This will help you improve your ability to understand their thought process better to help your child Visit the Smarter Parenting website for more information and help and don’t forget to subscribe

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