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How does your child generally get around apart from the school bus I carry him everywhere all the time Personally with my not my arms with my belly That's the indulgent answer Steff Mat: *yells* Get out of there

You get out of there and you f-ing walk for a change you indulgent baby Dammit Get up and stand on your own two feet you expect us to do everything for you don't you? Look we're even feeding ya right now Videos that will come and haunt us later in life HelloInternet

Welcome to Game *into music* Hey guys and welcome To GT live Stef:GT live where we like to think of ourselves as pretty pretty smart people Sorry, there was there was a hair on the camera I didn't want it affecting your overall viewership experience ladies and gentleman Tis' a hair I think this is a gray hair? No it's Chris's hair Today Mat:We are doing parenting quizzes because we are less than 10 weeks away from Mat:Embarking on a new journey a journey Steph:to the hospital to have a baby

Yes, you're right Yes, It's actually not a new journey Steph:We've practiced the journey they tell you to practice the journey ahead of time just in case Steph:When the moment gets there you are too stupid to drive your car and follow Google Maps instructions, they're like no no practice Practice driving to the hospital so are that that gives you the level of confidence Mat: I can't I can't type it

Meanwhile,*Steph would be strangling Matthew in the car * MP:Go Drive, Go drive *Mat tries to grasp for air* I can't This is an accurate recreation of where we'll be nine weeks from now Along with Chris and Jason have prepared a series of Parenting type quizzes the first couple as I understand It are sort of these parenting personality quizzes, mmm that makes it look exciting yeah MP:Man this our game for today SP:Lots of tessssssssssssssssst No one denies that parenting is difficult, but you can make it easier on yourself by identifying your parenting style quite scientists there are four Scientists in general there are four carri all scientists agree authoritative authoritarian oh my God, Indulgent, or neglectful Oh nooo What does it mean if I don't want to be any of those they also we only have four options and they all sound awful right if you are we if you're authoritarian that doesn't sound good if you're Indulgent that doesn't sound like that sounds like maybe you feed your kid candy for like every meal of the day Neglectful is also not one that I'd like and then I don't know the difference between authoritarian and authoritative yet, okay authoritative Okay, are deemed the most effective effective so authoritative is what we're shooting for here Okay, their character is the winner one they have high expectations Yeah, and you know we've got to win this parenting quiz because you know what we gotta win this parenting contest We've got to be the best that ever was To parent them is my real test to train them is my cause, parenting! Got a parent them all okay They're characterized by their high expectations understanding and support Authoritarians are the strict parents there's most demanding And they don't respond to their children's requests for open dialogue the set rules and punish their children to get Indulgent or permissive parents are lenient they avoid confrontation at all costs where parents are very nurturing

They don't set boundaries Neglectful they don't even have oh I was like oh they don't even have in them on here because they don't do anything very glad let other children's basic needs So you know yeah, those those of are those are the parents of the ditch apparently? Seek Wow if you're a neglectful parent you should seek outside help to mend your relationship great Now here, we go no I already know which one my parents were Ones all right question one ah what's the deal in your household when it comes to siblings sharing? We don't have any siblings, so you don't factor sure yes, okay only children only children only solution No no The X emoji we have family meetings to discuss a fair says what sort of hippie household is this Let's sit down and have a family meeting SP:oh let's start with sharing and our feelings MP:Ooh pretty much survival of the fittest *Mat Pat laughs* Whoa Wow let's we've a friendship quilt so that way we can all share this experience together um None of my children have to share I make sure they have one every Might be easy to predict which I have a strict rota which obliviate any argument or obviates Uh obviates Sorry and wrote I have never even heard of the word rota MP:What is a rota? SP:I thought it was a type of pasta *They both laugh* But the correct answer here is one kid avoid the problem

Nope it's called optimized Family meetings to discuss okay, how does your child generally get around apart from the school bus I carry him everywhere all the time Personally with my not my arms with my belly That's the indulgent answer Steve You know you get out of there, and you have to walk for a change you can do, baby Dang it Get up and stand on your own two feet you expect us to do everything or what or even feed Mia right now Videos that will come in ha I don't know I SP:Not My business MP:Man man Pretty much set act as an on-demand taxi service Oh my gosh Am I Imagine if I were in this position and honestly this is what my parents immigrants I feel like for friends houses and stuff They would encourage me to like take I could take my bicycle, but they would drive But they would also drive me if I needed to right okay, so how does your child generally get around uh? I? mean This is indulgent This is neglectful, right? this is authoritarian so this is authoritative I Encourage them to be independent be independent Yeah, okay, get out of here you lazy I'm empowering you as a human being go forth jeez What's the deal in your household when it comes to siblings here? SP:Don't have any siblings Don't ever since you suspect that your child has gotten ahold of a false ID and may be drinking What would you do You sit them down and to ask them to tell you the truth

You worry What kid? Responds to asking to be told the truth Stephanie yeah I Have suspicions to believe that you may have gotten your hands on a false ID In an attempt to be illegally drinking Please tell me the truth about this No, I don't have a fake ID you look to the left I watch that Game Theory from six years ago I know when you're lying back What would your reaction be if your child wanted to get a part-time job about damn time Good it do it Just don't expect me to drive in there Get your bus ticket and go yeah, this is this is Peter This is this is father Pat go Do it talking to my boobs now? Can we just just be careful where you're pointing that face fine? What would your reaction be if your child what important job they can provided I had vetted their employer I Don't know Did my employer? You don't want to work in it like in brothel North Carolina You can start working at 14 and a half

I think 14 and 3/4 I had a job Oh you want to work at the Spearmint Rhino That sounds like a perfectly normal place for the Spearmint Rhino What is it some sort of fancy shop candy shop and petting zoo? Spearmint Rhino oh the "Pink Taco" that sounds like a perfectly valid place for you to work youngster I'm not gonna vet that at all That's a real place in LA it's actually exactly, but it's a taco place, and then literally is a big taco restaurant That's colored pink Yep Why would you vet their employer? So it's not your Spearmint Rhino Not your so it's not like local whorehouse how so so here so here your your *Mature Stream* 15 year old Maddie patty yeah, you've just had an interview down at the old Olive Garden you and your mom's like No, no you can't take that job until I call the Olive Garden and talk to all the people you'll be working for Mommy Pat you just to make sure that they're okay I like that I like that you're saying I'd like you you you and you're calling me Mommy Pat Yeah, no, but something like you can't if you're getting a job I never heard of this miraculous place called the Olive Garden Let me look into what their wares are and what their hours could be to make sure that this is a good place That's not that if you're if your kids old enough to get a job

They're old enough to to do it independently You do not didn't you have a rebellious phase boring says Lucia Valverde never nope Straight call me a straight and narrow Pat none Openly not not an openly rebellious phase my rebellious phase was just a lot of like I'm not talking to my parents I think we're both rebellion looks different for for different people right billion was let me follow the rules When your child is 16 they will want to go on vacation with friends instead of you, Oh, what will you do no? Family vacation With friends instead of you you can't go on friends on vacations with friends instead you could go in in addition If you're going with their friends family, I will suggest that they all come with us, maybe staying in a separate cabin I'll let them go and pay for a good hotel Wow Indulgent, it's out of the question They can do that when they're adults if they can pay for themselves Good luck Wow Wow alright I will suggest that they all come with us, maybe staying in a separate can look too bad Yeah with friends, and they'll be like the so lame and will be like yes Yes But they won't because we're the cool parents yeah rebellion Your child is decided they want to give up music lessons Decide they want to give up music lessons, what would you say I won't have my child in music lessons Oh Depends on how old they are and how long they've been doing it honestly because this situation happened Do you really yeah absolutely um because you drop out? Because and I think a lot of parents said this is like I want my kid to take five years of piano lessons or eight Years of violin lessons or whatever and then and then at that point it's their true like hey if you love it continue if not You've you've reached a certain skill level after those amount of years that like hey alright fine It's not for you I get it, so I I think I would probably go with that Yeah where it's like if they want to start you know great and But but if they're going to commit to something they shouldn't necessarily just quit because it gets hard and I like my parents had and I had this discussion about piano

I took piano for seven years and My parents both went to music school They were both musicians and so they were really invested in me having a mutes music education And I'm so glad that I that I stuck with it for seven years But I had like I can't even count the number of discussions I had with my parents about I don't want to practice I don't wanna feel like I Hate I hate piano as a halo you know and and they were like they were like fine you hate it but you're not quitting and When we were your age, we hated blob of law music lessons, too But they're important and you're gonna keep going see so they went I would try and persuade them to keep trying Yeah, your child's room is in a terrible state oh no We're gonna move them out of the state of Idaho lock the door and in a terrible state Actually, I was trying to think of what a terrible state Lock the door and don't let them out until it's tidy oh, you're tellin No, bathroom for you Wow, that's pretty intense insist They tidy it but offer a reward for doing so positive reinforcement It's called dinner you get dinner oh So you'd rather withhold essential nutrients From your poor starving babby I am sorry, baby Okay, so it's this thing but offer a reward positive reinforcement stuff

I guess so but you get a chocolate Chocolate about pride of ownership I feel like it should just be like you you need to click It's if it's part of your it's a part of your life to keep your room clean So keep your room clean, so you're saying leave it if they want to live in that message um No that's what you're saying I'm saying that you be a neglectful do a bit neglectful No It's part of their life to keep the room clean They have to do it, but they shouldn't expect a reward for the doing the basic stuff in their life It's just this is what you have to do

It's like nagging It's like wow I walk by your I walk by your room today Looking pretty gross in there and you're like ah okay, and they're like you should clean it Okay, all right, and then you go, and then you clean it, and and that's part of your life That's that isn't an option step guilt-tripping until Actually, I completed is not one of our four choices No tripping It's like nagging so it's like Chris that exact aggression is not one of our courts did not Passive-aggressive your room is dirty clothes no Oh looking like a pigsty in there isn't That's pretty direct That passive directly at me looking in your face and being like Matthew your room looks like a pigsty How is that passive that's not passive? You're talking about This one is a pretty divided issue This is a tough one Yeah, cuz tidying up yourself as indulge and leave it I think it's neglect

Yeah lock the door it is Maybe a child abuse And the only option left is insistence is to bribe your kid positive reinforcement mode It's a thing that's not you know what you can positively reinforce without bribing Here's here's that here's the right answer a rule is a reward our nice patterns that is amazing parenting right here ready my guess is Out-of-the-box parenting you're ready for this babby You don't even know what's gonna Hit you no I don't this is Pull of Mary Poppins tidy it up together make it a family activity why I didn't make that mess Because it's an activity that you're doing with your kid so that way they enjoy it more Why couldn't you bake cookies? Send what bake cookies with your kid instead tell him to clean up their own room? and then you make a Rewarding them Stephanie

You're baking um cookies no separate two separate active Yeah, your loop them your implicit your implicitly rewarding up Oh my god alright What are your rules about your child's homework? I make sure it's done helping them with it if necessary they can decide if it's interesting Consistent is done in silence at Sula whoa Oh, I do it great if they don't they will have to face the music Oh, man Does that mean the music at school or the music at home like? You puns like is that implying that you punish the kid if they don't do it No they just get bad grades To get bad grades, that's how that is the music the music of F Okay the music oh? Really the right answer here is number one although I have a problem with parents doing their homework for their kids, and I think there's there's a tough lot There's a there's a fine line between helping and doing for helping if necessary stuff wow Your math problem really sucks

Let's go through together Why this? Would be the correct no I think I think that's totally fine if you can get extra help from your parents And that's all that's great That's awesome, but There I know your grammatical syntax I know this I know Whose parents like wrote their college essays for that right who did that? Oh? Yeah? Clearly that's not good

I know I know and I was like what the what are you like hitting me? What sort of curfew do you impose on your child on the weekends? They don't need a curfew because they're hanging out with me watching all the time watching RuPaul's Drag Race eating pizza and my parents no joke They when I went to college They gave me a sheet of paper With a curfew that I was supposed to Self enforce during college it was the biggest it was maybe the biggest like joke that I've ever See, and I I took it, and it was one of those It's one of donut It was It was one of those moments in my life when I really wanted to just scream But I had to just smile instead and then I will put it up on my wall, and then I was like ah ah And then I walked away did they introduce it to you They're like and here's oh, yeah Oh, yeah, it was like what we are sweets typed up some rules for you while you're in college, and it was like Yeah Goodbye ever moving back here broke those rules that your parents set for you

I'm trying to think How much input into general family life does your child have if they tried I Wouldn't listen they pretty much run the place their opinions are as important as everybody else's none my house The general family life General fan they tried I wouldn't listen they pretty much run the place yike They're behind my house my role their opinions are important as everybody else, but they're not though because If you have to hear that Betty you hear that baby, you don't matter it'd be a Lot of Pat's like no get up gtfo no the thing is it should be none of these because they Honestly they if you have four roommates right and they all pay equal rent, then everyone's opinion is is equal right but if you have a seventeen-year-old Who wants to smoke pot in your living room? It's legal in California Who wants to smoke pot in your living room? But they don't pay any rent and They don't contribute to the house in any way why would their opinion be as important as everyone else's? This shouldn't be Ski, it's like you take their and for positive things He would you know he's not such a pot? He'd vote for kibble in the living room if your child is going to the movies who what would you do to make sure they? are not seeing something unsuitable I Do a film theory on it Hula's parents I Probably wouldn't know what they I probably wouldn't know they were going in the first place Yanks Ask them to give you their word that it's suitable I would go and see the movie myself first let them go how much good movie do ask them Yes, I mean also read online reviews Like they we have the Internet come on you can check this kind of stuff There's the rating system Cheerleader killer 2017 oh that's fine It's rated R Oh no problem thirteen-year-old you can go see that mom and dad It's it's the new Pixar movie Oh really I wonder how that one's gonna fit to the Pixar universe your child Oh, my gosh, are you kidding me right now? Disappointed in you you're getting brought on by the cops buddy

I got big we got big problem I am gonna layer on so much Like love it apart now yes, love and support through the form of gilt and threat Just get like you are gonna feel so bad for the heartache You've caused me Baby Haha get ready Man, you will have no idea how it like or actually I will make sure you have every inclination of how how? Disappointed right you have made me in that instance I I feel like it's really I mean

I'm sure we can figure out What the right answer is here, but this is so situational after committing a minor a minor misdemeanor What is that? It's matter It's not a felony Okay It's like shoplifting Oh Shoplifting Baby come on! Why do you have to get in trouble? You're grounded until you can explain yourself You're grounded until the weekend you're grounded for the foreseeable future If you shoplifted you're grounded for the foreseeable future there we go authoritative we won, oh You are authoritative you have a balanced approach to parenting which is very much based on your expectations of your child When they disappoint you you're making them feel guilty about it alright We'll discuss matters with your children and depth allowing them to understand the reasons behind your rules you will punish where necessary But only when you're sure that the child knows and agrees the reasons behind it

Let's do it All right that was great, I think we did awesome well done Good job fellow fellow future parent hey guys Thank you so much for watching this episode of GT Live if you want to see you the full Uncut livestream with all the class like a baby advice that we have to give well, then click the box to the left Or if you want to see Steph? And I compete in the newlywed game click the box to the right see if we agree on how many baby And you should eventually have solve any babies

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