How Smarter Parenting uses the Teaching-Family Model

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I'm here to talk to you about Smarter Parenting and our approach in helping parents and families around the world Smarter Parenting uses the skills of the Teaching-Family Model Which is an evidence-based program which was established in the 1960s You can learn more about the this whole model, how it came to be, on the Smarter Parenting website And actually, at the end of this video, we'll include a link of a video that you can watch that will explain how it came to be, how it was developed, and what it's done over the past 60 years

It's been around for quite a while One of the founders of the Teaching-Family Model is Mont Wolf, who is one of the creators of the timeout idea, in placing a child in timeout There's a lot of information that is available on the Teaching-Family Model and you'll learn that it's being used by agencies all around the world As for Smarter Parenting, we are making this model available to you online for free on our website And our goal is to help heal and elevate lives, specifically those young children and their families

So our approach is to provide this technology to you, in video format online, where you can access the information as needed We've also included in these specific skills to change behaviors games and activities Now, in development for children, games and activities are a way for children to learn So using a game or an activity, in addition to the skill, is meant to help your child understand these concepts on a much deeper level, rather than just lecturing your child on what to do So using a game and activity, for example, with Effective Communication, will be very very helpful for your child to grasp all the concepts of that skill while using it in a different in a different way

Not all children learn well through lecture In fact, most of them don't learn well through lecture, and so, we've included games and activities The Smarter Parenting website also has worksheets that you can download, and they're for free These worksheets will help you as a parent understand what you need to do and how you can better parent your child We also include chore charts and different things like that to help you along your parenting journey

So our approach is actually to take the technology that has existed in helping to change lives of children over the past 50 years, and to provide it for parents like you who are online, anywhere in the world We want to do this for free because we believe that in building and strengthening families we actually create a better world So that's it for me Leave your comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel

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