Teenage Communication Activity. Help Them Learn Why it is Important.

My name is Marie and I'm the mother of seven children and in this activity I'm going to help my children practice the skill of communication In this activity we are going to use Jenga blocks but you can use any other blocks, Lego's, stacking blocks, anything you can find around the house

I'm going to have one of my children build a structure with something blocking so my other child can't see and then I'm going to have her try to explain to him what her structure looks like and see if he can build it without asking questions or communicating and then I'm going to reverse and actually let them communicate while he tries to build her structure And we'll see how it goes What we're gonna do is I'm gonna stick this book up here so that you cannot see what she is doing And now I want you to do is I want you to build a structure with the blocks that I've given you and when you're done I want you to describe how your structure looks and he's gonna try to put this together without being able to ask questions or anything with how you describe how your structure looks okay? So go ahead build your whatever you want out of your blocks Done

You're done? Okay Go ahead You are gonna try to describe and instruct him how to build it, and he can't ask you any questions so listen to her instructions carefully Okay, so on the bottom, there's four and they make a square They're flat

And then, there's four standing up on the corners Okay So, he said he's done so I'm gonna move this and we're gonna compare and see how close they are So what do you think? How do you think you did? Pretty bad Pretty bad? It almost looks a little bit the same

So, she said for square on the bottom and you put your four together on the bottom Okay, so communication is so important right? You guys understand that? So we're going to try it again and this time I'm going to let you guys communicate I'm going to let you be able to instruct and direct, and I'm going to let you ask questions So if you don't understand something, ask Okay? Okay, take it down and let's try again

Is it like, the same way as the bottom? Yeah Is like, the second one like, flat, or is it sitting up? The one on top? It's flat Done Okay, let's see how well you guys did Yes! Yes! Okay, so you guys see your structures? They're exactly identical right? So how do you feel the communication this time helped? What was different? He could talk to me

He could talk to you And what was different for you? It's easier to build It's easier to build Because why? Because you can talk and they can explain it to you You can ask questions and she can explain it better right? If you weren't quite comprehending what she was saying Okay you guys did great

So I hope you guys understand the importance of communication Talk Talk to each other

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